Asset Monitoring

The NL Sense is a customizable smart solution for automated asset monitoring.

Assets typically emit abnormal sounds when they start to fail. By listening, analyzing and ultimately understanding what different sounds mean, the NL Sense is able to predict and pinpoint possible problems and issues.

The NL Sense is a non-intrusive solution that enables you to add predictive maintenance to your existing systems. It is straightforward to configure through our NL Cloud service, and can be connected directly to your existing systems.

The NL Sense provides advanced analysis features that use the latest in machine learning technologies to help you detect problems as early as possible.


  • Non-intrusive and retrofittable.
  • Cost efficiency. The NL Sense can replace multiple integrated sensors with a few smart sensors.
  • Real time monitoring. Locate faults as they happen.
  • Find faults that can’t be recognized by pressure, temperature or vibration sensors.
  • Sensor units can be connected to the NL Cloud or to your existing systems.

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