Power Grids

One of the first indications of an electrical problem is usually sound.

Sound appears even before components start to heat up. The NL Camera knows exactly what to listen to to locate electric faults – even when they are completely inaudible to the human ear.

The NL Camera enables you to locate potential issues quickly from the ground during routine inspections. It can locate problems in power grids from up to 100 meters away. 

Is it a bad connection? Perhaps a faulty insulator? In the cloud, the discharge is instantly categorized according to our algorithms for AC partial discharges, that have been taught using thousands and thousands of documented partial discharges.

The NL Cloud has an automatic report generation tool for partial discharge reports. This makes predictive maintenance decisions easy.

The NL Camera locates partial discharges by listening, recognizing and analyzing the sounds they emit.

The NL Camera detects sounds before the part gets heated. This enables earlier predictive maintenance and cost-effective repairs.

We combine advanced signal processing with AI to automatically detect and recognize partial discharges.

Acoustic ultrasonic camera detects partial discharges

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