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Grid Solutions & GE Renewable Energy Italy


Grid Solutions & GE Renewable Energy Italy


Grid Solutions is a GE Renewable Energy business that ensures power utilities and industries globally have the best equipment, systems, and services for reliable and efficient energy production and distribution. Grid Solutions’ over 13,000 employees worldwide also focus on implementing the transition to greener, renewable energy.


Grid Solutions & GE Renewable Energy Italy needed a device that could detect sources of disturbance, such as floating and corona discharges, in their HV labs.

NL Solution

NL Camera for partial discharge detection.


The NL Camera immediately answered GE Grid Solutions Italy’s needs and delighted its users with its easy functions, lightweight body, and high-quality images.

NL Camera Delivers Results to Grid Solutions Italy’s HV Labs That Are Impossible for Other Devices

Grid Solutions & GE Renewable Energy’s HV Bushings test lab in Milan had a demand for a device that could detect sources of disturbance in their test settings. They had previously experimented with partial discharge detection cameras intended for this purpose, and ended up disappointed with them. By contrast, the NL Camera satisfied GE Grid Solutions with practical results and its usability. Instant Effectiveness The NL Camera yielded the desired results immediately after it was unboxed: Grid Solutions Italy’s test lab staff detected sources of disturbance such as negative polarity corona effects in its HV labs. The staff then removed the sources of disturbance and decided to consider them in the future when modifying the test setup. According to Test Lab Manager Enrico Pietro Valvassori, reaching outcomes like this would have been impossible via other methods.

“The camera is very lightweight. It has a few functions, but they are perfectly clear.”

Enrico Pietro Valvassori
Test Lab Manager
at Grid Solutions & GE Renewable Energy

Outstanding Usability

The NL Camera has saved the users’ time and has also been a success thanks to its usability. Grid Solutions Italy’s test lab staff is pleased with how light the camera is and with its overall ease of use. The device loads quickly, so the users do not have to wait long to find partial discharge again and inspect the camera’s high-quality images. And when they do, they can trust the NL Camera to produce reliable, beneficial results.

Image 1. The NL Camera found negative corona discharge on an anti-corona electrode in the test lab of Grid Solutions & GE Renewable Energy Italy.

Image 2. Another snapshot from the HV lab shows the surface or internal discharge on a bushing.


If you are interested in how the NL Camera can help you, do not hesitate to contact our sales department for further information.