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The LF10 is a smart, easy-to-use acoustic camera that enables users to detect leaks as small as 0.004 l/min smoothly and
seamlessly and delivers actionable data for maintenance and repairs. Equipped with 124 microphones, the LF10 provides a wide field of view for detecting compressed air leaks from a long range away based on the sound they emit.

This lightweight device is safe, reliable and easy to operate with one hand, and its intelligent, built-in
functionalities improve detection by filtering out typical industrial disturbances.

The camera’s new AI-driven functionalities include removal of extraneous sound sources and distance detection between the leak and the camera, allowing users to pinpoint and report leaks effortlessly. Utilizing its automated features, the LF10 also analyzes leak size and cost estimates in real time, offering concrete actionable data for maintenance and repairs in the NL Cloud. This truly is next-generation leak detection!

Saves money and improves energy efficiency
  • Detects and pinpoints one or more leaks simultaneously
  • Shows leak size and cost estimates for remedial action
  • Faster and more accurate than other leak detectors and methods
Machine learning produces actionable data for maintenance and repairs on the NL Cloud
  • ISO 50001-compatible reporting
  • Machine learning-powered analytics and reporting
Speeds up audits and requires minimal training
  • Scans large areas quickly
  • Simple and easy to use with one hand
  • Fits any stage of your maintenance cycle
Smart AI-driven functionalities ensure a seamless user experience
  • AutoDistance feature automatically detects the distance between the leak and camera
  • AutoFilter feature automatically filters out disturbances in noisy environments

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