Hospital Gas Leak Detection

The crucial job of detecting hospital gas leaks and preventing hospital fires needs the most reliable tools—the NL Camera.

The NL Camera Prevents Serious Fires by Detecting Gas Leaks


Grid Solutions

Grid Solutions & GE Renewable Energy’s HV Bushings test lab in Milan had a demand for a device that could detect sources of disturbance in their test settings.

The NL Camera yielded the desired results immediately after it was unboxed



In a comparative analysis with an infrared (IR) and an ultraviolet (UV) camera, the NL Camera proved to have significant advantages over the other two technologies, such as a reduction in audit time, simple user interface, and overall ease of use. These save money, time, and resources.

The NL Camera Excels UV And IR Cameras



NL Acoustics’ ultrasonic camera and the NL Sense for automated asset monitoring were welcomed with great interest at Webasto. The technologies’ efficiency and comprehensibility had already convinced the Webasto engineers.

Better, Faster Results for Webasto