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NL Solution
For Electric Power Distribution


Power grid components’ service lives inevitably come to an end. Undetected, the components’ malfunction can cause expensive downtime and catastrophic failures.

The ultrasonic NL Camera locates problems in power grids reliably before it is too late, and NL Analytics assesses their severity and gives you clear recommendations on how to combat them. This comprehensive, market-leading solution helps you minimize network downtime and avoid dangerous accidents.

Sound indicates problems that can threaten your electric power distribution

With the NL Solution, you can tell normal sounds apart from fatal ones.

One of the first indications of an electrical problem is sound. Traditionally, faulty components have been detected based on the heat they emit, but sound appears even before the components begin to heat up. The sound contains information which, correctly interpreted, will tell you if the sound is normal or causes a risk and how you should react to it.

This sound, which is both sonic and ultrasonic, is caused by partial discharges, i.e., electrical discharges that signal the harmful flow of electricity and deteriorate components over time. In fact, partial discharges are related to nearly 85% of disruptive failures in high-voltage and medium-voltage assets, causing costly network outages and safety hazards. Early detection is the best way to avoid the components’ complete, possibly fatal failure caused by the electrical stress of partial discharges.


Download datasheets for technical details

Would you like to know more about the NL Camera’s technical specifications and the accompanying NL Cloud software? Download our datasheets to discover the technology that helps you reduce the risks of costly downtime and disastrous network failures.


Move your maintenance from reactive to proactive

NL Camera detects problems in power grid components before they start to heat up. This enables predictive maintenance and cost-effective repairs, preventing catastrophic breakdowns and reducing expensive downtime.

Scan large areas and instantly pinpoint critical problems

The NL Camera scans large areas from a distance, detecting partial discharges in power grids from more than 130 meters away. The device reliably recognizes problems that will cause crucial complications by listening to, recognizing, and analyzing the sounds they emit. The included NL Analytics application will assess the problems’ severity and recommend appropriate solutions.

Requires minimal training

The light, handheld NL Camera automatically displays the detected partial discharges’ locations on the intuitive user interface. The PRPD pattern visible on the screen indicates the type of partial discharge, and the included NL Analytics application analyzes the pattern to classify the detected partial discharges and formulates appropriate recommendations for subsequent courses of action.

Easy to introduce into your organization

The NL Camera’s easy setup wizard allows for a straightforward and swift centralized rollout. The users can continue with their routine inspections and trust the NL Camera’s automatic settings to find critical issues.

Provides maintenance and repair plans

The included, machine learning-powered NL Analytics service offers advanced analytics by classifying the partial discharges and assessing their severity. NL Analytics then generates action recommendations, complementing your expertise in maintenance decision making.

NL Analytics

We do not offer just a simple measuring device

Our machine learning-powered analytics provides you
with intelligent maintenance solutions.

How does the NL Camera work?

Partial discharges emit broadband sounds that can be both audible and inaudible.

The camera combines both sonic and ultrasonic frequencies to detect partial discharges as accurately as possible, finding partial discharges that are often completely inaudible to the human ear. The NL Camera can find partial discharges that are missed by UV and IR cameras, such as discharges inside cable terminations or discharges that you do not have direct line-of-sight with.

The NL Camera uses multiple microphones and a technique called beamforming. The NL Camera’s 124 state-of-the-art microphones enable exceptional sensitivity and accuracy in finding the critical problems.

The NL Camera includes our cutting-edge analytics capabilities, giving you an instant overview of the located partial discharge through the PRPD pattern. To help you analyze the located partial discharge in detail, NL Analytics will automatically present you with in-depth information on how severe the problem is and suggestions for how to proceed. Available in the NL Cloud and NL Camera Viewer Pro.

NL Software Options

Our unique analytics software aids you in making intelligent maintenance decisions, reducing maintenance costs, and decreasing breakdowns.

See our different software options and how they use advanced machine learning technology to deliver you the most valuable data on the market.

NL Cloud

The NL Cloud is a machine learning-powered cloud service included with the NL Camera. The NL Cloud further analyzes the snapshots taken with the camera, shows you the PRPD (Phase Resolved Partial Discharge) pattern, assesses the severity of the detected partial discharge, and gives you recommendations for subsequent courses of action. The NL Cloud automatically creates PDF reports that complement your expertise in maintenance decision making.

NL Camera Viewer

The NL Camera Viewer is an offline computer software alternative to the NL Cloud used for viewing and analyzing the snapshots taken with the NL Camera. The offline software expands the sound imaging experience by offering different analysis methods for the sound image and signal and shows you the PRPD pattern.

NL Camera Viewer Pro

The NL Camera Viewer Pro is an alternative offline computer software for the NL Cloud, providing you with the same functionalities as the NL Cloud. The NL Camera Viewer Pro further analyzes the snapshots taken with the NL Camera, shows you the PRPD pattern, assesses the severity of the partial discharge, and gives you recommendations for subsequent courses of action. The NL Camera Viewer Pro’s automatic PDF reports complement your expertise in making maintenance decisions.

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