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NL Solution
Compressed Air Systems


Air leaks cause up to 50% of energy waste in compressed air systems, leading to financial losses that are measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in a single factory.

The NL Camera locates leaks and NL Analytics gives you an estimate of the total cost impact and provides you with a report that includes repair documentation. This comprehensive, ultrasonic solution helps you to ensure the reliability of your operation.

Finding air leaks is difficult

With the NL Solution, you can save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually.

Unplanned air leaks cause significant energy and financial losses. In addition to wasted energy, leaks are to blame for drops in system pressure. This escalates the production costs as air tools do not function at their highest level of efficiency. To compensate for the pressure drop, you might even buy a new compressor, while locating and fixing leaks is usually enough to solve the problem.

Furthermore, air leaks shorten the equipment’s service life and lead to unplanned maintenance efforts, unscheduled downtime, and potential safety hazards. Early detection is the best way to proactively prevent increased costs and severe complications.


Download datasheets for technical details

Would you like to know more about the NL Camera’s technical specifications and the accompanying NL Cloud software? Download our datasheets to discover the technology that helps you save energy, money, and resources.


Save money

The NL Camera shows you the exact location of leaks and NL Analytics tells you how much they cost you annually, assisting you in keeping production costs low. Compared to traditional ultrasonic leak detectors and other conventional methods, the NL solution is considerably more accurate.

Improve energy efficiency

The NL Camera pinpoints leaks as small as 0.016 l/min and calculates how much energy you are wasting. This enables you to take the correct measures to enhance your energy management and save more energy.

Speed up audits

The NL Camera scans large areas quickly and locates air leaks by listening to, recognizing, and analyzing the sounds they emit. The NL Camera is faster than any other solution and far more sensitive and accurate than the human ear, combining both sonic and ultrasonic frequencies.

Requires minimal training

The NL Camera displays the located leak, leak size, and cost-estimate instantly and automatically on its built-in screen in a clear, understandable format. The camera can be introduced at any stage of your maintenance cycle, and its intuitive user interface is easy to operate.

Data for maintenance and repair plans

In addition to the NL Camera’s real-time leak size and cost estimate, NL Analytics offers advanced analytics and more in-depth reports on detected leaks. NL Analytics compliments your expertise in maintenance decision making.

ISO 50001-compatible reporting

The NL Camera helps you to optimize your energy use and ensures that you are complying with the related legislation.

NL Analytics

We do not offer just a simple measuring device

Our machine learning-powered analytics provides you
with intelligent maintenance solutions.

How does the NL Camera work?

The NL Camera reliably detects the broadband sound that compressed air leaks’ turbulent airflow generates. The camera combines both sonic and ultrasonic frequencies so that it can distinguish even small leaks that are inaudible to the human ear, especially in noisy factory environments.

To achieve this, the NL Camera uses multiple microphones and a technique called beamforming. The NL Camera’s 124 state-of-the-art microphones enable exceptional sensitivity and accuracy in finding leaks. Small leaks that conventional methods may fail to detect can even be found in noisy environments, as NL Analytics intelligently removes extraneous sound sources to highlight all detected leaks. The exact locations of the leaks are displayed in an easy-to-understand format, superimposed on top of a visual camera view.

The NL Camera includes our cutting-edge analytics capabilities, giving you the real-time leak size and cost estimate. You can automatically upload the results to the included NL Cloud software, where they are safely backed up. We offer the NL Camera Viewer offline software as an option. NL Analytics provides you with an informative, ISO 50001-compatible report. NL Analytics is available in the NL Cloud and NL Camera Viewer Pro.

NL Software Options

Our unique analytics software aids you in making intelligent maintenance decisions and saving energy while keeping production costs low.

See our different software options and how they use advanced machine learning technology to deliver you the most valuable data on the market.

NL Cloud

The NL Cloud is a machine learning-powered cloud service included with the NL Camera. The NL Cloud further analyzes the snapshots taken with the camera and calculates an estimate for the detected leak’s size and cost. The NL Cloud automatically creates an ISO 50001-compatible PDF report that complements your expertise in maintenance decision making.

NL Camera Viewer

The NL Camera Viewer is an offline computer software alternative to the NL Cloud. It is used for viewing and analyzing the snapshots taken with the NL Camera. The offline software expands the sound imaging experience by offering different analysis methods for the sound image and signal and gives you an estimate on the detected leak’s size and cost.

NL Camera Viewer Pro

The NL Camera Viewer Pro is an alternative offline computer software for the NL Cloud, providing you with the same functionalities as the NL Cloud. The NL Camera Viewer Pro further analyzes the snapshots taken with the camera and calculates an estimate for the detected leak’s size and cost. The NL Camera Viewer Pro automatically creates an ISO 50001-compatible PDF report that complements your expertise in making maintenance decisions.

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