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Pfizer Biotechnology


Pfizer Biotechnology


Pfizer Biotechnology needed to perform valve inspections and various leak detections, mainly for compressed air, steam, gas, and vacuum leaks.


The customer needed a reliable, fast and easy-to-use acoustic leak detector for quickly finding leaks in pipes, lines, and valves in the plant area. If not detected and addressed in a timely manner, these leaks can lead to serious incidents, such as destructive fires.

NL Solution

The acoustic NL Camera for air leak detection.


The NL Camera can capture hidden leaks in time.

Prevent accidents

The acoustic NL Camera for air leak detection is more than a time and effort saving inspection tool. One of its applications is to ensure the normal operation of equipment and prevent accidents by detecting leaks at pipelines, pipes and valves in the plant area.

Leak size and damage cost

The NL Camera can display the size of the leak point based on the detection results, and calculate the damage cost of the leak point based on the energy cost provided by the customer.

Image 1. Leak at a gap invisible to the naked eye.

Common places prone to gas leak in the plant area are equipment pipelines, pipes, valves and equipment gaps, which are generally invisible to the naked eye.

Image 2. A report showing leak size and damage cost.

Image 3. Leak at a unit’s pipeline joint.

Image 4. Leak at the plastic pipe PS5.

Image 5. Leak at the pipe lyob.

Image 6. Leak at a joint of the pipe Lyoa.

Image 7. Leak at a dust collector valve.

Image 8. Leak at the valve number CLS02.


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