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Greetings from the CEO: Reflecting on 2020

As we are now well into 2021, it is time to reflect on how last year looked for NL Acoustics. 2020 was an interesting journey, to say the least. Some of our plans, such as participating in a record number of fairs, did not hold—for obvious reasons. Our main offices in Helsinki have both been mostly empty, as our team adapted to remote work. We have missed fruitful conversations, coffee moments, and inspiring chats over lunch with fair-goes, partners, and colleagues alike.

However, in the end, 2020 proved to be our most successful year to date, thanks to our team and all of our partners. It is a pleasure to observe how great a team we have managed to build and how well everyone can adjust to varying circumstances. Instead of working at the office, we adapted effective ways of collaborating on our projects from home. 

Last year, we almost doubled in size—with our sales growing exponentially. This results from investing in the growth of our reseller network. Many of our partners, both old and new, have managed to perform admirably given the challenges presented by the pandemic.

Finally, as a substitute for all of the fairs we were planning to attend, we developed alternative ways to promote our products. To see some of these, I would suggest you head to our YouTube channel for our latest videos.

Keeping in mind the struggles we overcame last year, I am feeling very confident about 2021. We have so much planned for this year: we will release some exciting additional features, and we are even working on some completely new things. We are eager to present these to you face-to-face, and thanks to several scientists and the healthcare sector working hard, we might be able to do that towards the end of the year. I look forward to 2021 and keeping you updated on our journey.

Kai Saksela
Co-founder / CEO
NL Acoustics

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