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Maintpartner happy with NL Camera

Up to 40% of energy costs in a regular factory can be caused by air leaks. Our acoustic solution is the best way for locating and analyzing these leaks.

Maintpartner is the leading industrial operation and maintenance company in Northern Europe. Their clientele consists of industrial enterprises and the public sector. Maintpartner has used multiple NL Acoustics solutions in their predictive maintenance processes. Our portable NL Camera leak detector has been applied for detection of leaks in power plant processes.

“We have had good experiences in using the NL portable leak detection camera. The camera is easy to use, and it was easy to pinpoint the steam and air leaks even from further away in power plant environment. We started using it together with ultrasonic contact probe but have also successfully used it as our sole detection method“, says Jere Espo of Maintpartner. 


If you are interested in how the NL Camera can help you, do not hesitate to contact our sales department for further information.