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2019 recap: What a ride!

Entering a new decade makes a great chance to reflect on the years that have passed. Entering 2020, it feels as if it was ages since we started the company in 2015, since so much has already happened since then.

When we started the company, we had nothing but a few product prototypes that we had managed to scramble together using limited resources – together with the hunger to make a difference. We recognized a huge potential in the way sound could be utilized to bring value to people, in ways that were being completely neglected at the time. We noticed that we could do significant and meaningful things, such as reduce the energy consumption in the world, using nothing but sound. We could make an impact, while saving our customers’ money and time.

Since the beginning, we’ve continuously been focusing on the most important thing of all – the needs of our customers. Year after year, we’ve developed our solutions further, to help our customers solve their most pressing problems as well as possible. Of course, we’ve stumbled upon a lot of challenges as well; getting our solutions and advanced technologies to work in a scalable way has been no easy task.

But each year we’ve kept our focus steady, and by solving these challenges we’ve managed to build something that keeps on growing. And we know this growth will continue. Looking at our yearly turnover, our average growth rate has been 350%. The year 2019 was our most successful year so far by a huge margin. And 2020 will definitely continue this trend.

Today we are proud to have our solutions used by customers and partners in places all over the world. Next year, we will introduce a couple of new partnerships that we believe will help us spread the awareness of the great things our company can do even further.

We are proud to be changing the world using sound. 

PS. We are also hiring.

Kai Saksela
Co-founder / CEO
Noiseless Acoustics


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