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Streamlining Acoustic Camera and User Management with the Organization Feature

Image 1. An acoustic camera is a highly advanced tool for identifying hidden leaks and partial discharges.

When it comes to managing devices and user access, efficiency and data security are paramount. Enter the Organization feature now available in the cloud, designed to streamline the way camera and user management are handled within organizations.

Cloud-Enabled Efficiency Based on Customer Need

Created originally to meet the needs of a specific large customer, the Organization feature is a user-friendly solution that simplifies the task of following up the reporting carried out in separate locations, such as factories and production units, by different cameras and users. 

One of its key advantages is the ability to seamlessly share not only device access but also information from the cameras, such as snapshots and reports, within assigned groups based on various criteria such as regions, departments, business units, or even maintenance structure. The beauty lies in its simplicity – all management tasks are centralized and executed entirely within the cloud, eliminating the need for laborious manual pairing or physical access to the devices, as well as providing a centralized and clear tool to monitor the inspection carried out in different production premises and their outcomes. “We started developing the Organization feature to solve the needs of a customer who was using an acoustic camera across locations and finding it time-consuming to keep manually re-pairing the device each time”, describes Fawad Mazhar, Cloud Team Lead at NL Acoustics. “The feature also facilitates efficient use of data collected by the acoustic camera throughout the organization, enabling activities such as report sharing and tracking estimated costs across different facilities”, Mazhar concludes.

Image 2. An example of an organization hierarchy created in the NL Cloud.

Key Benefits of the Organization Feature

Among the core benefits of using the Organization feature is the simplified, time-saving management of inspections, cameras and users. Instead of navigating through complicated access procedures, the Organization feature streamlines access to cameras and pictures, ensuring that users can effortlessly retrieve the data they need. By providing group-based access managed remotely within the cloud, the Organization feature significantly reduces the time spent on manual processes, enhancing convenience and operational efficiency. An added bonus: improved data security through the removal of traditional authentication methods, such as sharing usernames and passwords.

The feature also provides a comprehensive overview of all cameras and users within the organization. This facilitates better decision-making and promotes transparency by enabling the tracking of the time it takes to fix identified leaks. As a result, cost-saving criteria for leak resolution and reporting can be established. On an individual level, the group-based access helps to concentrate on relevant information, enhancing the end-users’ ability to sift through data efficiently and make informed choices. Implementing the Organization feature is quick and straightforward across all user levels, ensuring a seamless onboarding experience. 


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