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Ultrasonic Air Leak Detectors Are Not All the Same

An ultrasonic air leak detector can come in many shapes and sizes with varying features. From those that resemble a refurbished tablet to big shield-shaped devices, we reveal what you should pay attention to when choosing an air leak detector for your maintenance personnel.

The Best Ultrasonic Air Leak Detector Does Not Require a Trained Operator

Perhaps one of the most important questions you should ask is how much time and resources you can invest in training your personnel to use an ultrasonic air leak detector or if you can afford to buy leak surveys from outside. Most detectors come with little analytics, demanding that the user know what frequency range they should use, how to filter air leak sounds from interfering noise, and how to translate the detector’s readings—often a decibel value—into actionable information.

The most convenient detectors do the job for you: their built-in analytics recognize the sounds air leaks emit as the detectors use a predetermined frequency range best suited to detecting leaks and filtering out other sounds. Intuitive, easy-to-use detectors show a leak’s location automatically and reliably on the device’s screen, requiring minimal training. Furthermore, an advanced ultrasonic air leak detector with powerful analytics will give you an estimate of the leak size and how much it is costing you annually. Consequently, instead of spending time figuring out what the results mean, the user can concentrate on fixing the leaks.

Hand holding an ultrasonic leak detector with the screen facing the viewer
Image 1. A premium ultrasonic air leak detector, such as the NL Camera, gives you a leak size and cost estimate automatically so that you can focus on fixing the leaks.

Remember the Ease of Use

Other factors you should consider when choosing an ultrasonic air leak detector are the device’s sensitivity and range, ergonomics and safety, and different accompanying software options. High sensitivity follows from a high number of microphones and means that the air leak detector identifies even tiny leaks at an early stage before they become costly points of energy waste and potential safety hazards.

An optimal detection range significantly increases the detection area, allowing users to scan large areas fast. During such an inspection, a lightweight detector the user can hold with one hand is more ergonomic, easier to handle, and increases the user’s safety as the other hand is able to remain free.

Regarding software options, check to see if the ultrasonic detector you are considering has any to begin with. A premium device will have analytics software that offers data export and reporting capabilities. This makes sharing the leak survey information in your organization effortless.

Maintenance man holding and looking down at an ultrasonic leak detector
Image 2. The NL Camera is designed so that you can hold it with one hand. This way, your other hand is free for, for example, holding onto a rail in a tricky spot.

As it happens, you can find all of these features in our NL Camera that uses both sonic and ultrasonic frequencies for air leak detection. By pinpointing even tiny leaks and using NL Analytics for leak size and cost estimates, the camera helps you save considerable amounts of energy and resources. Read more about the NL Camera, and do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


If you are interested in how the NL Camera can help you, do not hesitate to contact our sales department for further information.