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Work Smarter, Not Harder, by Utilizing AI-driven Automation 

Automation really does make all the difference in predictive maintenance. Read on to find out how the automated AI-driven features of the LF10 air leak detector deliver accurate and actionable results while providing a seamless user experience!

Man is standing at an industrial facility and pointing an acoustic camera at pipes.
Image 1. The automated AI-driven functionalities of the LF10 air leak detector make predictive maintenance inspections effortless even in demanding industrial environments.

It is often said that less is more, and this is certainly true when it comes to performing predictive maintenance procedures. These activities are often performed in robust industrial environments loaded with heavy machinery and using complex devices to detect and solve potential problems. In most cases, the goal is to locate issues quickly, accurately, and, most importantly, without causing too much interference to the ongoing operations. A tall order, to say the least!

Automated for Effortless Use

This is exactly where the advanced automated characteristics of the LF10 acoustic air leak detector stand head and shoulders above the rest in their simplicity and ease of use. The lightweight acoustic camera is extremely sensitive and its 124 microphones provide a wide field of view for detecting compressed air leaks as small as 0.004 l/min. The effortlessness of using the LF10 is beyond comparison as the user needs to simply point the camera at a suspected leak area and let the LF10 work its magic without scrolling any settings or making a single selection. Equipped with AI-driven AutoFilter and AutoDistance, the LF10 automatically filters extraneous sound sources common in noisy industrial surroundings and detects the distance between the leak and the camera, displaying the locations of the leaks in an easy-to-understand format. To further enhance the user experience, the portable device is extremely easy and safe to operate when scanning large manufacturing facilities, as it can be held using only one hand. 

For full technical specification, please download the the LF10 datasheet here.

Image 2. The lightweight camera is easy to operate using only one hand.

Results that Require No Second-guessing

The user-friendly automation of the LF10 is not limited to just the inspection phase but continues throughout the process right up to the point where the user receives clear and actionable data for repair and maintenance plans. Using AI, the device automatically provides leak size and cost estimates in real-time and its reports are ISO 50001-compatible. No complicated interpretation or second-guessing required!

Learn more about our next-generation air leak detection solution here.


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