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Int’l Smart Grid Expo Tokyo, 31.8.–2.9.2022

Finnish Technology Company NL Acoustics’ Majority Interest Acquired by Teledyne

Teledyne Announces Acquiring Majority Interest in NL Acoustics

Capturing Hidden Air and Gas Leaks in Time Prevents Serious Incidents and Saves Costs

Next-generation Air Leak Detector LF10 Uses AI to Deliver Actionable Data

Cigre, Paris, 29.8.–2.9.2022

NL Acoustics Receives Future Workplaces Certification  

E-world, Essen, 21.–23.6.2022

Maintec, Birmingham, 8.–9.6.2022

Ilmo Euro on What Makes Work at NL Acoustics Meaningful

Ultrasonic Air Leak Detectors Are Not All the Same

NL Analytics’ Severity Assessment: Highly Automated Problem-Solving

Unique Partial Discharge Severity Assessment for the NL Camera

Greetings from the CEO: Reflecting on 2020

NL Acoustics Is now ISO9001 Certified

You Do Not need to Be a Scientist to Find Air Leaks and Partial Discharges

Air Leak and Partial Discharge Detection Frequencies: What You Need to Know

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Acoustic Cameras: Why Does the Number of Microphones Matter?

NL Acoustics At Advanced Factories expo in Barcelona

2019 recap: What a ride!

Maintpartner happy with NL Camera

NL representing Finland at Slush!

Locating leaks at ice rink construction site.